Vík í Mýrdal

Vík í Mýrdal, the “bay at the swampy valley”, the southernmost place in Iceland, about 190km from Reykjavík, just south of the volcano Katla.

It is said that if Katla were to erupt, the church would not be damaged as it is located high on the mountain.

Vík Church, Víkurkirkja built in 1932-1934, has about 200 seats, treasures from the 18th century are said to be kept here.

On the black lava beach we fight against the orcan like forcy storm, 30m/s to photograph the solidified basalt lava mass. Three black spiers, Reynisdrangar, Skessudrangar, Landdrangur.

Iceland is a land of legends and storytellers. It is said that trolls tried to land a ship and got petrified (from the book Legends and Tales from Iceland that I bought).

Wild, raging, stormy, roaring waves, dramatic nature.

Experiment with water


For me, photography is recreation, relaxation, meditation. I’ll let you participate in a few experiments, which initially really started as experiments and developed into projects in the course of the work – even up to visualizing an illness. So much is possible in photography, I am often amazed at the results myself.

What actually happens when you mix water with different colors? No, not just mix. My curiosity was what happens when you let colors flow into water. Just like that, let it flow.

The experiment can start.

Colours, a camera, a background, good lighting
And Water. That is all you need