Experiment with water


For me, photography is recreation, relaxation, meditation. I’ll let you participate in a few experiments, which initially really started as experiments and developed into projects in the course of the work – even up to visualizing an illness. So much is possible in photography, I am often amazed at the results myself.

What actually happens when you mix water with different colors? No, not just mix. My curiosity was what happens when you let colors flow into water. Just like that, let it flow.

The experiment can start.

Colours, a camera, a background, good lighting
And Water. That is all you need

In my imagination I saw the formation of the earth, out of the big bang. I chose the colors red, blue, yellow, grey. The black is the background.

This picture was the result.

In the course of time, a wide variety of images and motifs developed. I gave this serie the name panta rhei, everything flows.

This photo, named aqua mundi, the water of the world, made it onto the front page of the medical journal “Art und Praxis”.

And here I just let white paint flow.

That was the trigger for my next project: dementia. How can you visualize an illness, especially one that is so elusive. For years I had the idea to visualize the disease Dementia. I had the opportunity to take photos of those affected, but for a long time I was not able to find the right approach.

This water picture from the panta rhei series made it. I saw it… and the knot was untied. I could show the disease Dementia in abstract images, in photographic images. Water and color as a metaphor for Dementia.

I showed my photos to those affected, my abstract paintings. And many of them participated. One or the other picture was liked, one or the other photo was not liked. My four phases of dementia have developed from the selection of affected people.

Strength measurement
Gentle slipping away
freezing, distance
and dissolution

2019 was the photo exhibition

Living with dementia.

In the pandemic, in the lockdown, this little book has
taken on a larger dimension. An artist’s book was
created, translated into four languages. German,
English, Slovak and Hungarian.

Available here